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Finding talented designers is hard. Design firms are expensive, crowdsourcing is a gamble,
and searching for a freelancer can take weeks. That’s why we’ve curated everything from our process to our designers to give you access to awesome branding at an affordable price.

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How it Works

Book a week that works for you.

Tell us about your business using our Deductive Branding Questionnaire. We discuss your responses during a Kick-Off Call on Monday morning.

We deliver and review your new brand on a Delivery Call Friday afternoon.

It's not just any week.

Your Brand Week is rooted in research. It doesn't take a week because we're trying to be fast. It takes a week because we've honed our process to the point that great design solutions reveal themselves—predictably and in that amount of time.

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Like a design firm, but better.

We take pride in designing exceptional brands. It's why we employ Senior Designers and why we have Creative Directors who oversee everything our designers produce. We're like a design firm, if design firms did fast timelines and affordable pricing.

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You may have only thought about typography insofar as avoiding Comic Sans in your work emails. But what if you sent emails with different fonts every time, or quarterly earnings reports using cursive? It would be unprofessional and a little weird. Great typography is powerful. It's consistent. And that consistency builds trust with your audience.


Choosing color involves analyzing your competition, understanding its psychological effects, and aligning it with your goals. Get it wrong, and your business either looks like everyone else or confuses your customers (think Irish pub with pink signage). Get it right, and you trigger your desired emotional response and reinforce the association of that color with your business.

Presentation Slides

How many presentations have you had to sit through that used tiny font, twenty colors, and clip art from 1992? The presenter may have been a genius, but his slides put everyone to sleep. We'll build custom templates so you have a powerful framework to pitch investors, educate employees, and sell to your customers. You'll look polished, and your audience will stay engaged.

Business Card Design

Business cards are little pieces of paper that make it all feel real. You hand your business card to people to help them remember your company and to tell them you're legit. Bad business cards are like weak handshakes: occasionally memorable, but not in a good way. Good business cards not only make it past the trash bins and onto people's desks, they serve as reminders that you're the real deal.

Brand Guidelines

This is important. There's no point in designing an awesome brand if it all falls apart in the execution. It can be a full-time job micromanaging logo sizes, fonts, colors, and layouts, but branding doesn't have to be a struggle. Our Brand Guidelines PDF will detail exactly how to format all of your company's materials for every single person who works with your business.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We understand that you put everything into building your business, which is why we put everything into helping you build your brand. If at the end of your week you'd like to make some changes, we're happy to do a round of edits. There's no additional cost.

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Questions? Check out our FAQs.

When You Book Your Week:

We'll send you our Deductive Branding Questionnaire to be completed in advance of your scheduled week.

Together, we'll discuss your responses during a kick-off video call on Monday morning.

Your Brand Week will spend that Monday through Friday building a beautiful brand for your business.

We'll walk you through your new brand on a video call that Friday afternoon and deliver all of your files.

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Questions? Check out our FAQs.


“The pleasure was mine. I truly enjoyed seeing Your Brand Week listen, work their magic, and churn out a great design.”

Sanjeev Verma
Co-Founder and Chairman, PreVeil

“Research shows that when it comes to choices, more is not better. I like having options, so I was skeptical at first; but I was pleasantly surprised. The whole process was streamlined, saving lots of time and money.”

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett
Director, Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab

“Your Brand Week's professionalism was superb and we're very pleased with the work done on our brand and associated materials. We've worked with many kinds of firms in the past, ranging from full service shops to contractors, and this was the best experience we've had, hands down.”

Max Drucker
Founder and CEO, Carpe Data

Get excited.
Your business is about to become a brand.

Schedule My Week Now for $3900

Questions? Check out our FAQs.