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Our Story

Aaron Scott & Amanda Maguire | Your Brand Week

On a trip down the California coast, Aaron Scott and Amanda Maguire were reflecting on Aaron’s branding career—what had been working well, and what hadn’t been working well. They realized that getting great branding took a really long time. There were lots of back-and-forths over email, project contracts, and budget and scope negotiations, and all of these things drove the hours and costs way up. So Amanda asked Aaron a simple question: “Can we streamline the non-design aspects of creating great design?”

And that’s exactly what they did. By condensing the design process to its most efficient form, they made sure that every minute spent on your business would be a minute spent on designing your brand.

For Your Brand Week designers, this means they can focus exclusively on producing their very best work. For startups and small businesses, this means you get access to top-level talent at an affordable price. More beautiful and thoughtful design gets put out into the world, and everyone benefits.

About Your Brand Week

In our experience, finding great logo design and branding usually goes something like this:

You ask for referrals from friends, you Google search like crazy, and you look at a million portfolios trying to find designers whose work you like, who aren’t too expensive, and who can get it done when you need it.

Design firms are known for their quality, but they’re expensive, vague in their process, and their turnaround is slow. Crowdsourced design websites are cheap, fast, and clear about their process, but crowdsourcing yields inherently average results. Freelance designers can be good, but top talent is always hard to find.

It’s option overload, none are ideal, and it’s easy to get burnt out.

But great branding is strategic to the success of your business; it shouldn’t only be accessible to big businesses with big budgets, or left to crowdsourcing options that are “good enough”. That’s why we’ve taken the best of each design model and combined them into one. We do awesome branding with an up-front process, top-level talent, fast turnaround, and affordable pricing.

So far, our designers’ work has been recognized by AIGA, ReBrand, Behance, the Facebook Creativity Awards, and the international design publication, Graphis.