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Why Good Logo Design Isn’t Subjective

In order to be considered “design” in the first place, your logo must serve an intentional purpose. That purpose can be fulfilled more or less, and in measurable ways.

This is very clear in the fields of industrial design (how do I turn this thing on?), UX/UI design (how do I save my changes?), and architectural design (the roof is leaking!). So why do logo design and branding seem subjective to a lot of people?

The answer is that most businesses don’t really measure the effectiveness of logo design and branding, even though they should.

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3 Things That Weaken Your Brand (and how to avoid them)

While your logo is the cornerstone of your brand, your business will only develop a strong brand to the extent that it acts with one very important quality:


This is as true for your product as it is for every other medium in which your business operates.

Case in point: if your product is suddenly inconsistent, your brand will suffer and you’ll immediately see it hurt your bottom line.

The same is true for the tools you use to communicate to your customers, except the effect on your bottom line is often longer-term. Slower success rates, lower retention, and tepid media attention—all because your inconsistency made your business less trustworthy.

Below are 3 things that can weaken your brand and how you can avoid them:

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Startup Branding 101: Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Awesome Logo Design

This is the third post in our Startup Branding 101 series. Our first post covered Typography and our second post covered Color.

Have you ever seen Microsoft or Apple’s first logos?

They were hideous, off target, badly designed logo disasters. That means you don’t need a good logo design to be successful, right?

No way.

Both Microsoft and Apple realized their logos were terrible within a year and promptly changed them to something that was much better (although not great on Microsoft’s part). And this was pre-internet, when the only way for millions of people to see your business was a big network TV ad budget.

As a startup, it’s tricky to determine how you should navigate your custom logo design process. Let’s start by addressing one of the most common misconceptions about logo design:

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7 Mistakes Most People Make When They Hire a Logo Designer

When it comes time to hire a logo designer, it can often be a really big decision. And to complicate things, it’s usually a decision you have to make somewhat hastily because of a sudden and unexpected need (Surprise! You get to demo in front of hundreds of potential customers and investors in three days!). That’s why it’s no wonder that most people make at least a few mistakes and need to put out a few fires when they hire a logo designer.

To help you avoid a big branding headache, we’ve put together a list of 7 of the most common mistakes people make and how you can learn from them before you need to hire someone.

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Exactly What You’re Paying for When You Hire a Design Firm to Brand Your Business

“Good, fast, or cheap? Pick any two.”

That question is infamously synonymous with creative services. If you’ve heard it before, you might be chuckling under your breath. If you haven’t heard it before, you’ve just learned how nearly every logo design and branding business operates.

When you hire a design firm, you’re deciding that no matter what second item you choose from that list, you definitely want the results to be “good.” But what is it about hiring a design firm that makes it synonymous with getting “good work” And what exactly is it that you’re paying for when you hire one?

Both of those questions have 2 answers in common:

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